Janiece A. Smith, M.S.

Janiece is a Miami native who loves God and loves people, and is called to serve them. Back in 2009, she heard a message preached by Dr. Alvin D. Stewart, Jr. in Tallahassee, Florida, that encouraged her and others to be an answer in every room and situation. She took that to heart, and it became the foundation upon which The Answer Group Consulting, LLC—affectionately known as TAG Consulting—was built. She has worked in various industries for over 20 years as an administrator, customer service representative, financial analyst, dispatcher, regional manager, and executive director. She extracted transferable skills from each of these experiences that have made her a trusted name and an expert in organizational improvement. Today, because of that experience and education below, Janiece is an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Practitioner.

Janiece's educational background includes a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Science (Industrial-Organizational Psychology) from Florida International University. She is also a licensed insurance agent in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia. Janiece is a consummate professional who believes in partnering with others to help them achieve their wildest dreams. She knows that having a solid foundation and support system is the key to success. If you were to ask her, who she is, she would tell you, "I am an answer!"

What leaves the heart reaches the heart!

- Portia Dunkley

I can’t say enough about The Answer Group!! The staff is very professional and very attentive to the needs of our company. Janiece’s team helped us to devise a streamlined strategic plan for onboarding new educators. We are thrilled to have their expertise as we navigate this new normal while expanding our company. The Answer Group worked with us to find a plan within our company’s budget so that we could achieve our goals.

- Teeny V

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